Speeches, Reports, Guidelines, Special Reports

  1. Mental Health in the Workplace
    Speech by Bill Wilkerson
    The Annual Conference of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists
    San Francisco, California

    August 8, 2012
    PDF - 438k

  2. I prepared this Gift list in 2000 and the Roundtable released it every year since. Now that the Roundtable is over, I am publishing these Gifts in its name for the 10th and final time.

    Over the years, this list has been consulted by individuals and organizations in Canada, the United States, Europe, even Asia and Africa – reflecting  the reach of the worldwide web.

    December 16, 2009
    PDF - 128k

  3. Corporate Canada Supports RCMP, Canadian Forces and Veteran Affairs Canada Commending their Leadership in Mental Health
    January 8, 2009

  4. SIX STEPS: Protect the Mental Health of Families and Employees In the Face of the Global Financial Market Crisis
    Dr. Roger S. McIntyre
    Scientific and Clinical Strategist for the Global Roundtable
    And Head of the Mood Disorders Psychopharmacology Unit
    University Health Network, Toronto
    Bill Wilkerson
    Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO
    Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health


  5. Special Report in The Globe and Mail:

    Bill Wilkerson talks about the workplace
    Depression carries a cruel stigma in the workplace, says Bill Wilkerson, CEO of the Global Business and
    Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health in this Monday's Globe and Mail.
    The Globe and Mail
    Tuesday June 24, 2008

    PDF - 132k

    ADHD cuts workplace productivity
    People who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder work 22 fewer days each year than their
    colleagues who don't have ADHD, according to a new World Health Organization study.
    Rebecca Dube, The Globe and Mail
    Monday June 23, 2008

    PDF - 256k

    The working wounded
    Mental illness is costing the Canadian economy a staggering $51-billion a year, and each day
    500,000 people miss work because of psychiatric problems. What are employers doing about it? Not
    much. André Picard reports
    Andre Picard, The Globe and Mail
    Monday June 23, 2008

    PDF - 136k

  6. "Toward The End of Mental Illness as We Know It”
    Keynote Address by Bill Wilkerson
    12th Annual Iris Gala - The Manitoba Schizophrenia Society
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    April 12, 2008
    PDF- 172k

  1. Remarks by Bill Wilkerson
    Speech to the Manitoba Schizophrenia Society
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
    June 18, 2007
    (posted October 8, 2008)
  2. "Mental Health and Productivity in the 21st Century"
    Bill Wilkerson's speech to the 41st Annual Meeting of Canadian Employee Benefits Conference
    Halifax, Nova Scotia
    August 12, 2008


  3. Book Report and Analysis

    Bill Wilkerson continues his reports on complex topics in mental health and mental illness. Here, he reports on the book, “Mind, Brain and Schizophrenia” by Dr. Peter Williamson who holds the Tanna Schulich Chair in Neuroscience and Mental Health at the Schulich School of Medicine at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, Canada, site of the famed Robarts Research Institute.
    February 22, 2008 PDF - 23k

    November 14, 2007

  5. Assessing Mental Illness In the Workplace Using Drug Claims Data
    Phase I: General Context & Co-Morbities With Depression October 2007

    Cubic Health Inc. and The Global Business and Economic Rountable on Addiction and Mental Health
    PDF - 515k

  6. The BC Roundtable Newsletter
    Tools, news and ideas for people on the front line of workplace mental health
    July 2007 Volume 4 , Number 3
    The 2nd Canadian Congress on Research on Mental Health & Addiction in the Workplace, held May 17 & 18 in Vancouver, brought together some 250 scientists and mental health professionals to share their knowledge and learn more about the importance of research, knowledge and action regarding mental health and addiction in the workplace.
    PDF - 330k

  7. "Mental Health in the Labour Force: Literature Review and Research GAP Analysis"
    This study has been conducted by Watson Wyatt Canada for Homewood and the Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health."
    July 12, 2007
    PDF - 3mb

  8. Children’s Mental Health is Everybody’s Business
    An Address by The Honourable Michael Kirby
    Chair, Mental Health Commission of Canada
    To The Empire Club
    Toronto, Ontario
    May 17, 2007
    PDF - 184k

  9. Mental Health is the Business of Business – and of all Canadians
    Address by The Honourable Michael KirbyChair, Mental Health Commission of Canada
    Chair, Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health
    To The Vancouver Board of Trade
    Vancouver, British Columbia
    May 8, 2007
    PDF - 192k

  10. “Dare to Dream: The End of Mental illness ”
    2007 Bottom Line Conference
    “The Elephant in the Room”
    BC Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia
    March 7, 2007
    PDF - 380k

  11. Canada-US Relations Our Common Cause Agenda in a Perilous World
    Text of Address by The Honourable Michael Wilson Canadian Ambassador to the United States
    To Empire Club of Canada / Canadian Club of Toronto
    Fairmont Royal York Hotel,
    Toronto, Ontario
    January 22, 2007

  12. SUMMER DRAFT - Roadmap to Mental Health and Excellence At Work in CanadaPresented To The
    Ontario Chamber of Commerce

    Economic Summit on Mental Health and Productivity in Ontario
    A Pilot for Canada
    Sutton Place Hotel,
    Toronto, Ontario Canada
    June 8, 2005

    PDF- 444k

  13. Depression and heart disease
    A Dynamic Workplace Health Risk
    June 8, 2005
    Bill Wilkerson

    PDF - 194k

  14. Protecting the Mental Health of Children - WORKPLACE PUBLIC SERVICE
    Guidelines for Working Parents
    to Protect the Mental Health of Children
    June 8, 2005
    Bill Wilkerson

    PDF - 202

  15. Speech - To Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA)
    Africa and Middle East Branch

    Gatineau, QC
    January 31, 2005

    PDF - 134k

  16. Speech - A Case of Community Leadership:
    The Ottawa Mayor’s Council on
    Healthier, More Productive Workplaces
    January 27, 2005

    PDF - 79k

  17. Speech - “Helping Students at Risk”
    OSSTF STARS and Beyond Conference 2004
    Wyndham Bristol Place Hotel, Toronto, Ontario
    November 12, 2004

    PDF - 83k

  18. Speech - Adult job stress on kids
    Healthy Schools - Healthy Minds Symposium
    Bill Wilkerson to the Ontario Teacher's Federation
    Victoria College, UofT
    October 15, 2004

    PDF - 85k

  19. Speech - "I talk to business people about mental health issues nose-to-nose not heart-to-heart"
    Bill Wilkerson to The Canadian Pension & Benefits Institute National Conference
    Victoria Conference Centre
    Victoria, BC
    May 31, 2004
    PDF - 70k

  20. Speech - Keynote Speech by Bill Wilkerson to the Ontario Medical Association Annual Meeting
    Toronto, ON
    April 30, 2004
    PDF - 55k

  21. Speech - Honorable Michael Wilson to CIHR IRSC Workshop
    Renaissance Toronto Airport Hotel
    April 28, 2004
    PDF - 56k

    Middle Managers Most Vulnerable to Problem Job Stress and
    Mental Health Problems,BMO-Sponsored CEO Survey Says
    “Survey puts employee mental health squarely on the agenda of CEOs”
    --Top Executive,BMO Financial Group
    March 23, 2004
    PDF - 56k

  23. CEO Research on Mental Health
    Sponsored by BMO Financial Group

    PDF - 123k

  24. Speech - Bill Wilkerson
    Royal York Hotel
    Toronto, Canada
    February 4, 2004
    PDF - 77k

    Corporate Leadership in Mental Health
    February 2004
    PDF - 45k

  26. Board of Directors Guideline on Mental Health and Safety
    Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2004
    PDF - 42k

  27. Speech - "Together Against Stigma II: Across the Life Span"
    Keynote Address by Bill Wilkerson,
    Roundtable Co-Founder and CEO
    The World Psychiatric Association Second International Conference on The Stigma of Mental Illness
    Queen’s University,
    Kingston, Ontario
    October 9, 2003
    PDF - 64k

  28. Speech - Peel Health Breakfast Series
    "Healthy Minds Drive Growth"

    Bill Wilkerson,
    Delta Meadowvale
    Mississauga, Ontario
    September 25th, 2003

  29. Speech - Ontario Teachers Insurance Plan
    Benefits Workshop

    Bill Wilkerson
    Holiday Inn Select
    Toronto, ON
    September 24th, 2003

  30. Canadian Forces Operational Stress Injury
    Bill Wilkerson to theCanadianForces Operational Stress Injury Conference
    Le Moulin, Wakefield Mill
    Wakefield, PQ
    July 9, 2003

  31. Special Roundtable - Vision 2020 Report
    Boardroom Series #2,
    Host: Scotiabank
    May 14, 2003

  32. Report - Depression and Heart Disease
    A Dynamic Public Health Risk
    By Bill Wilkerson, Roundtable Co-Founder and CEO
    To CBS Radio, San Francisco, California
    May 5, 2003

  33. Launch of Charter on Addiction and Mental Health May 2003 - May 2004

  34. Report - 12 Universal Workplace Gifts of Peace and Affirmation for Stressful Times
    The Roundtable's Message:
    Help Each Other Cope With The Perceived Threats And Nervous Images Of SARS, The War In Iraq And The Uncertainty Of Life At Work
    Toronto, Ontario
    April 8, 2003

  35. Speech - Is Government Driving Us Crazy?
    Notes For Remarks By Bill Wilkerson
    To The Inaugural Meeting Of The Alberta Alliance For Mental Health And Mental Illness
    Edmonton, Alberta
    March 6, 2003

  36. Speech - Bill Wilkerson speech to:
    The Strategic Forum

    Toronto Strategic Management Society
    Ontario Club, Commerce Court
    February 6, 2003

  37. Special Roundtable - Attendees
    Special Meeting Hosted by TD Bank Financial Group
    54th Floor Boardroom, TD Tower
    Toronto-Dominion Centre
    Toronto, Canada
    November 14, 2002

  38. Special Roundtable - Notes For Keynote Address
    By Nancy Hughes Anthony
    President and Chief Executive Officer,
    Canadian Chamber of Commerce
    November 14, 2002

  39. Special Roundtable - Charter For Mental Health In The Knowledge Economy
    Special Meeting Hosted by TD Bank Financial Group
    54th Floor Boardroom, TD Tower
    Toronto-Dominion Centre
    Toronto, Canada
    November 14, 2002

  40. Mental Health and Substance Use at Work
    Perspectives from research and implications for leaders.
    A background paper prepared by The Scientific Advisory Committee to
    The Global Business and Economic Roundtable on Addiction and Mental Health
    November 14, 2002

  41. Speech
    By Bill Wilkerson
    To: Warren Shepell Consultants Business Forum
    Park Hyatt, Queen's Park Ball Room
    Toronto, Canada
    October 16, 2002

  42. Speech
    By Bill Wilkerson
    The Ontario Public Service Commission and Management Board
    13th Annual Schedule 2 Employers' Group Conference
    Toronto, Canada
    September 25, 2002

  43. Speech Address
    By Bill Wilkerson
    Warren Shepell Consultants Corp. National Meeting
    Delta Chelsea Hotel
    Toronto, Canada
    July 5, 2002

  44. Speech - The Human Condition of Business: A New Path to Shareholder Value
    By Bill Wilkerson
    To: The First International Disability Management Forum
    Hyatt Regency Hotel
    Vancouver, BC
    May 27, 2002

  45. Speech - "Mental Health - The Ultimate Productivity Weapon"
    By Bill Wilkerson
    Metro Toronto Convention Centre
    Toronto, Canada
    April 22, 2002

  46. Speech - Bill Wilkerson to the "Beyond Awareness" Conference
    A Campaign to Reduce the Stigma of Mental Illness
    Sponsored by NYS Office of Mental Health
    Mental Health Association of New York City
    SUNY Upstate Medical University
    Albany, New York
    February 6, 2002

  47. Speech - Business is Crazy
    By Bill Wilkerson to the Conference Board of Canada on Workplace Health and Wellness
    Calgary, Alberta
    November 23, 2001

  48. Speech - Mental Health: The Ultimate Productivity Weapon In The Post-September 11th Economy
    By Bill Wilkerson to 2nd Annual National Symposium; National Institute of Disability Management and Research
    Ottawa, Ontario
    October 18, 2001

  49. Speech - "So Do I - Disability, Employment and Me"
    By Bill Wilkerson to The Annual General Meeting of Future Abilities and Creative Employment (FACE)
    Newmarket, Ontario
    October 10, 2001 World Mental Health Day in Canada

  50. Speech - "Since September 11th - The Business State of Mind"
    By Bill Wilkerson to "A National Summit on Best Practices for Mental Health in the Workplace Sponsored by US Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services"
    Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center, Washington, DC
    October 9, 2001

  51. Roundtable Activity Report September 2001
    September 27, 2001

  52. Business Reinvestment in the Emotional Health of Its People
    By Bill Wilkerson to The Provincial Forum - "Making It Happen" Mental Health Implementation Task Forces
    September 24, 2001

  53. The Unheralded Business Crisis In Canada, Depression at Work
    12 Steps To A Business Plan To Defeat Depression©
    July 20, 2000

  54. For the World Federation for Mental Health "World Mental Health Day" Celebrations in 2002
    12-Step Business Plan and Action Tool Bar to Combat Mental Health Disorders at Work
    By Bill Wilkerson, Co-Founder and CEO

  55. Top Ten Sources of Workplace Stress

  56. Notes for Remarks by Bill Wilkerson to Kiwanis Club of Ottawa
    Chateau Laurier Hotel, Ottawa, Ontario
    September 17, 1999

  57. 2001 Wellness Conference CEO Breakfast
    By Michael Wilson
    Delta Chelsea Hotel
    Toronto, Ontario
    March 7, 2001

  58. CLIMOA Speech
    55th Annual Meeting of The Canadian Life Insurance Medical Officers Association
    Chateau Frontenac, Quebec City
    May 17, 2000

  59. Geneva Report
    Unheralded Global Business Crisis
    "Worldwide Mental Health Problems Burning Like Wildfire in Global Economy"
    Geneva, Switzerland
    October 10, 2000

  60. Mental Disability and the Achievement of Recovery
    Address to The Disabilities Learning Conference
    Human resources Development Canada, Ontario Region

  61. Mental Health - The Ultimate Productivity Weapon
    To The Rideau Club, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    November 9, 2000

  62. 12 Gifts for Christmas
    December 19, 2000

  63. To the Conference Board of Canada "2001 Conference on Wellness"
    Delta Chelsea Inn, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    March 7, 2001

  64. Emotional Work Hazards Dominate New era of Office and Plant Safety
    Statement by Bill Wilkerson to the Industrial Accident Prevention Association of Ontario 
    Annual Conference April 4, 2001

  65. Opening Reception and Symposium of the Dutch Consortium Center for Public Mental Health
    Presentation by Bill Wilkerson
    Rotterdam, Holland
    March, 2001

  66. Mental Health Works Flyer
    PDF - 742k


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